Free Three-month Winter Kyol Che


Uma dica de TLohmann para quem quiser aproveitar um retiro de três meses oferecido gratuitamente. Obviamente a passagem para a Coréia não está incluída!

Dear Friends in Kwan Um School of Zen–

Tomorrow we begin the Three-month Winter Kyol Che at the Seoul
International Zen Center, HWA GYE SAH TEMPLE.

The retreat will be led this year by our Guiding Teacher, Hyon Gak
Sunim JDPS. He is one of leading monks in all of Korea, among all
Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, for leading Korean Buddhism.

In addition to 10 hours a day of chanting and meditation, there will
be weekly interviews and a Dharma talk once every two weeks, plus
all-night sitting on Saturday nights and 3,000 bows on the last
Saturday night of every month. We will also do a respectful greeting
and meditation every morning before the Memorial Tablet in the private
room where our Great Teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, lived and passed
peacefully into Nirvana. This is our great honor, every day, which
the international monks and nuns keep faithfully for the three-year

We invite all of our friends throughout the Kwan Um School of Zen to
attend our strong retreat, for anywhere from three days to 90 days’
length of time. Just DO it!

ALSO, noting the financial difficulties of many of our members
throughout the School, our Guiding Teacher has decided that the Kyol
Che here at HWA GYE SAH will be offered FREE. There is NO RETREAT
FEE. You are instead welcome to make a small donation, if you can, or
else small offering of foodstuffs from your country or place. Just
show your mind, whatever is received gladly.

Students are expected merely to cover their own airfare to and from
Korea, as well as any incidental private expenses they may have for
health or related.

The Summer Three-month Kyol Che at HWA GYE SAH will also be FREE.

Please contact our office at for more details.
Or call 822-900-4326.

What are you waiting for? What do you think you are GETTING? Just DO it!!!

Bo Haeng,
Head Monk

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